The Coding With Kids brand is nation wide and has become a staple for young kids to learn technology in an exciting and fun way! We are excited to bring Coding with Kids to Folsom! They were featured on the today show to share their cutting edge program! Click below to see their today show feature!

Folsom Computer Programming Academy for Ages 5-16

  Computer programming skills first, programming languages second:

Great programmers know how to write great code. Programming languages are their tools, and programmers learn languages as they need them. Coding with Kids classes focus mainly on teaching kids how to code well. As students move up the "Coder's Ladder" we introduce them to different languages, appropriate for their age and experience level.

Our focus is on projects:

No boring theory lectures! We teach kids computer programming concepts through projects, whether it is through Scratch games, website development, mobile application development or scientific computation projects. The fundamentals and theory are brought in to teach the student how to build the project correctly but are not taught in isolation.

Customer Testimonials:

"Super fun! I want to do it again!"

- Wendy S

“I've heard nothing, but raving reviews from those that have signed up. I know my daughter LOVES the class and I'm really impressed with your instructors patience and instruction with the kids. I actually just signed up both my daughter and son for the next session.”

- Allison C.

"I got to be part of the last 15 min of class and talk to the instructor and was thrilled with the custom program (My daughter has never had an exposure to coding prior) and instruction adapted to each skill level. We will be back for the next academic year. Thank you!"
- Imene N.

Contact Us

Located inside the Folsom Wellness and Sports Conditioning Center

D&K Coding Academy CwK licensed

990 Riley Street Suite 150 Folsom, California 95630, United States

Phone: (916) 597-5583


Monday - Thursday: 3:30pm - 7:45pm

Friday: 2:30pm - 6:45pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 2:45pm